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More to come Following the launch of CCPA, other states followed suit, drafting their own privacy laws. However, a comprehensive federal U.S. privacy law could be on the way. That could make things a lot simpler and more consistent. The largely bi-partisan American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) is working its way through congress, but it could take a while to become law. Outside of the EU, plenty of other countries have their own data privacy laws, which you should follow if you do business and send email in those nations. However, in most cases, being GDPR compliant keeps you covered for other laws. (Please consult your own legal experts for official advice.

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Senders may also need to consider things such as PCI compliance Bolivia Email List for credit card processing or HIPAA for healthcare data privacy in email. The connection between email deliverability and compliance with privacy laws should be clear. Senders who respect those laws and guidelines are putting their subscribers first, and that tends to mean you are following many email deliverability best practices. 3. Setting up email authentication Email authentication protocols aren’t part of any laws, but they would be if mailbox providers ran the world. We’ve already discussed the importance of email authentication to deliverability. At a minimum, you should set up SPF and DKIM authentication.

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While ESPs can often help with setting up email BH Lists authentication protocols, you’ll need to be sure your DNS records are correct. That includes adding your ESP to your SPF record. Where you can really make a difference is with DMARC, including an enforcement policy set to p=reject or p=quarantine. That will go a long way towards protecting your reputation as a sender. If DMARC sounds too technical for you and your team, there are vendors out there who specialize in helping you implement everything. They include: Red Sift Dmarcian Agari Power DMARC 4.


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