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Increasing email engagement It almost sounds too simple, but it’s 100% true: sending awesome email campaigns will support better email deliverability. When mailbox providers see that recipients are opening and engaging with your messages, they’ll know people want to receive what you’re sending. That means Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, and the rest of the gang are more likely to make sure your emails land in the inbox where people will find them. So, create email campaigns that people love. When you strategize, write, design, and develop emails, ask yourself what your subscribers want and how you can surprise and delight them. Make it so that everyone on your list anticipates your next email.

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Check out our free, on-demand webinar on improving email Western Sahara Email List engagement to get some great ideas. 5. Verifying email contacts and cleaning your list Of course, there will always be some party poopers on your list. So, clean that crap up! You should take the time to conduct some email list hygiene at least twice a year. That means removing inactive subscribers and invalid/outdated contacts. That will help keep your email engagement metrics looking good. Maintain a cleaner list throughout the year by verifying email addresses when people sign up or fill out a form on your site.

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Importance of KPIs in Email Marketing

Check out some email list cleaning best practices to BH Lists learn more. InboxReady’s email verification features are an excellent tool to help you scrub your list and keep it clean. 6. Using a double opt-in The best way to make sure new subscribers are valid and actually want to hear from your brand is to implement a double opt-in process. In essence, this involves double-checking that a new contact truly wanted to subscribe. Here’s how a double opt-in process works: A new contact fills out a form or subscribes to your email list. You let them know to check their inbox to confirm the subscription. You send them a follow-up email asking them to click and confirm.


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