What is email marketing automation?

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If the contact clicks to confirm, you add them to your list. If the contact does not confirm, they haven’t officially opted in yet (so you don’t add them). Now, you’re probably thinking, “If I do that, I’m not going to grow my list nearly as fast because there are going to be a bunch of people who miss or ignore that confirmation email, man!” That’s probably true. But if the contact doesn’t open and engage with your confirmation email, how likely are they to open and engage with future campaigns? It’s more likely that they’ll just become dead weight that you’ll need to remove from your list down the road.

Key indicators of Email Marketing

Don’t forget… good email engagement supports better email Turks and Caicos Islands Email List deliverability. When implementing a double opt-in process, make sure the entire flow is compelling and convincing. Confirmation emails should have strong subject lines and you can A/B test those emails to optimize them for conversions. Use the fear of missing out (FOMO) to move new contacts along in the double opt-in process: “You don’t want to miss what will be sharing with you in coming months.” Or consider offering an incentive such as a discount code on the Thank You page after people opt in.

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Email Marketing Benefits of sending

Never purchasing an email list Just don’t BH Lists do it. It’s a bad idea. It won’t work… at least not for long. And it could get you in some serious trouble (spam traps, blocklists, privacy violation fines, etc.). Sure, your list gets a lot bigger when you pay for it. But those contacts didn’t want to hear from you. That means they’re not interested, they’re not going to convert, and they’re going to mark your emails as spam (which they should). If you need some lessons in how to do things the right way, check out our article on the timeless lessons in Seth Godin’s book, “Permission Marketing.”


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