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The winning team receives a surprise prize. Combine drawing Among the 15 reliable team building games, combine drawing is a proposal for a game that will effectively strengthen bonds in the team and improve communication between individual employees. What is it all about? The participants of the game are divide into several groups. A selecte person from each team draws one password from the pool and then begins to draw it. After the allotte time has elapse (for example, 30 seconds), he passes the picture to the next person, who must continue with it.

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The work should go through each member of the team. The biggest difficulty is that the person who drew the password cannot reveal to his colleagues what he found. Players have to guess them themselves. Their only help is the drawing that the first Denmark WhatsApp Number List person starte. How well do you know each other? The “how well do you know each other” game is a great idea for a team that has been working together for a long time, so they should know each other very well. This game can bring you many surprises and laughs.

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A few days before the game, the organizer sends the participants a list of simple questions about their lives, character traits, preferences, etc. The BH Lists players answer the questions and pass them on to the organizer. On the day of the game, the leader reads out the selecte question and gives one of the answers. The task of the players is to guess which person gave this answer. The participant with the most points wins. Character trait The pool of 15 reliable team building games must include suggestions for newly forme groups.

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