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Sponsore posts, viral campaigns, supporting important social initiatives, sponsore articles, collaboration with influencers . We recommend Why is advertising on Twitter profitable? In social meia, you can use contextual advertising, promotional messages embede in the context close to the recipient. This is content relate to his interests, recently searche phrases, products he regularly buys or services he likes to use. Contextual advertising conveys valuable information for a given recipient. And that makes it increibly effective.

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Contextual advertising in social meia usually takes the form of an advertising banner, which, when clicke, takes the user to a specific page – a business card website or a special landing page. 3. Referral marketing Just advertising a construction company is Israel WhatsApp Number List not enough. Recommendations are very important in this industry. Building a house or renovating an apartment is a serious matter. Customers will not entrust it to just any company. What matters to them are good opinions of people who have previously cooperate with a particular service provider. Referral marketing is outstandingly effective. According to research, over 80% of consumers read reviews of local businesses online.

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Consumers trust the opinions of other users more than the information provide by the company. Why? Because they are real. Behind every opinion is a specific person. Same person as the reader. A person who was also once in the same place BH Lists as he is now. But how to encourage customers to leave their recommendations? First of all, you nee to provide them with outstanding standards of service. Well-serve people are more likely to share their positive feelings.

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