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What is a “character trait” game? The task of each person is to find their character trait starting with the first letter of their name – for example, Piotr – hard-working, Elżbieta – empathetic. The speech can be enriche with an additional comment, which will allow the other participants to get to know the speaker better. Share traits This is another example of a game that perfectly fits a newly create group or new people in the team. Thanks to this game, employees can get to know each other better and notice how much some of them can have in common. In addition, this game makes it easier to later find common topics for conversation among new people.

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The game consists of players sitting on chairs arrange in a circle. One chair must remain empty. The person who sits to the left of the empty chair gives one fact about himself – for example, a character trait, an object or thing he has. Competitors Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List who are also affecte by this fact must change places. Common history In a team, an extremely important element is active listening to your co-workers. Without this, communication will not run at the appropriate level. Therefore, among the 15 reliable team building games, there must be activities that support this process.

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To check how team members communicate, it is worth playing the game “share history”. How is the game going? One of the participants becomes the BH Lists conductor. The selecte person starts telling the story. At any time, he interrupts and chooses the person who must continue it. The conductor then points to the next player, and so on. Construction of the Goldberg machine This is an example of a game that checks the effectiveness of cooperation and communication in a group. In addition, creativity and ingenuity count here.

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