What is hard bounce and soft bounce?

Bottom line: purchasing lists will be bad for email deliverability. And in most cases, your email service provider (ESP) will prevent you from using a purchased list anyway. 8. Avoiding spammy behavior They say that if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck… it’s not a goose or a chicken. (Hint: It’s probably a duck). The same thing goes for email spam and spammers. An excellent email deliverability best practice is to ask yourself, “What would a spammer do?” Then, do not do those things. While occasionally using ALL CAPs or exclamation points probably won’t get you sent to the spam folder, you shouldn’t overdo it either.

Call to action and periodicity in email marketing

(It’s also just kind of obnoxious, anyways.) HubSpot Belize Email List has a list of hundreds of industry-specific words and phrases you may want to avoid. Spammers often use image-only emails, have poor grammar and spelling, use lots of symbols, and use deceptive text in hyperlinks. Remember that a spam score is being applied to every campaign you send. So, don’t act like a spammer and your emails won’t look like spam. It’s that simple. 9. Monitoring email deliverability metrics We all love benchmarks, but the most important email deliverability benchmark is where you are now. Then, unless you’re perfect, set a goal for improving deliverability metrics.

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5 Examples of exceptional Newsletters

Look at bounce rates, delivery rates, and inbox BH Lists placement for individual campaigns as well as your entire email program. How do transactional emails compare to marketing emails and newsletters? Are certain segments of your list more engaged than others? Keep an eye out for changes in email analytics that may indicate deliverability problems. And make sure engagement is something you consider as you measure email deliverability. InboxReady Deliverability Monitoring Deliverability Monitoring from InboxReady helps you stay ahead of those problems before they negatively impact your email program.

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