Time is running out and we just have to see how

electroencephalogram . Eye-tracking. Wearable devices for electrocardiogram and respiratory curve. Electrodermal sensors and facial expression detectors . The machines and methodologies appli are able to detect many parameters on the user’s moods (from attention to involvement. Through pleasantness. Cognitive effort. Relaxation. Time is running out and we just have to see how Anxiety. Stress. Surprise. Joy. And even negative reactions. Such as disgust. Anger. Fear). Putting the data at the service of analysts to trace the real impact of a communication

Initiative on the individual’s emotional level

The study of biological signals is a constantly evolving discipline and the skills in the africa email list field of bioengineering of the polytechnic of milan are a national point of reference. As well as one of the world’s excellences in the field of engineering appli to micine. The experience gain at the design department of the polytechnic of milan allows us to provide creative and rigorous interpretation keys. Useful for the design of products and services and the definition of communication strategies. The skills of the department of management engineering

the department of management engineering

africa email list

A national point of reference in the study of consumer developments in response to the multi-channel revolution of business-market relations. Finally give the opportunity to obtain results that can be immiately us at a managerial level .
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