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The rational aspects underlying individuals’ decisions. This case applies.  Generally measur with opinion polls and opinion questionnaires. Are decreasing their weight in decision-making processes. Which are becoming increasingly determin by visceral. Emotional and social relationship impacts. For this reason. The new pheel laboratory (physiology emotion experience lab) of the polytechnic of milan will try to detect and study the emotions of individuals who interact with brands by combining the multidisciplinary skills of the departments of bioengineering.

Design and management engineering

Pheel measures and studies through biometric analysis how consumers react. Evaluate and filter communication stimuli. Products. Services or interaction experiences with the brand europe email list In fact. In the laboratory the biological and physiological signals of individuals are observ and their behaviors evaluat in response to specific stimuli (products/services/experiences. Interfaces.  content. Non-advertising communication messages. Social interaction.

Advertising messages Iteral This case applies.

The instruments us in the research are not invasive and have been test and verifi on different types of subjects. Including children and people in fragile conditions. The possible fields of application of the investigations are many: from advertising (content impact testing) to the improvement of the experience of visiting a point of sale BH Lists or a site. From the study of the mechanisms of interaction between the individual and the environment and between the individual and individual. (collaboration. Negotiation. Communication) to improve the strategies for launching innovative products and services .

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