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An integration meeting for employees can take place during a cultural event, business trips and training, and even volunteering. It seems that the form of an external meeting has more advantages than at the company’s headquarters. Despite this, some people wonder whether an integration event should not be organize at the workplace. Certainly, some establishments would even have adequate space necessary to organize a banquet, barbecue or even field games. But is it really a good idea? In a place where we meet on a daily basis anyway and where specific business relationships prevail, for example director-employee or project manager-contractor, it’s hard to get out of the usual roles.

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An successful integration is all about getting to know and understanding each other a little better. It will be easier to do this on neutral ground, especially in an interesting environment. It may turn out that the boss and I have similar passions, but we Cambodia Phone Number List don’t talk about them at work. So it seems like a place for an integration triphowever, it is worth choosing outside the company or enterprise. Do you want to organize an integration meeting? we will help! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Preparation of the integration meeting step by step Preparing an integration meeting for employees – how to do it? Where to start.

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First of all, we must: Set up an initial budget. We nee to know what price range we want to fall into. Then it will be easier for us to plan the place and time of the meeting. Choose the form in which it should take place. It can be, for example, a training trip BH Lists combine with a gala dinner. It can be a theme event, referring to, for example, a selecte era, film or interests. The integration campfire and various tastings are also popular. An interesting alternative may be, for example, music workshops? dance? Plastic? There are many possibilities.

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