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If we can’t decide, it can always be just a reliable, classic banquet. A place for a corporate event You nee to choose a place for a corporate event. It can be, for example, an intimate hotel for integration meetings, locate in an interesting area and with good facilities. Such a facility must have the necessary infrastructure and experience service. In the case of very limite resources, we can simply limit ourselves to going out together in the nearest area. Spend time together at the bowling alley, then go out for pizza together. The second variant is rather a proposition for a new person in the team.

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Who wants to “buy in” to an already existing team. In the event that the organizer is the employer, the expectations are certainly much higher. How to choose a hotel for integration events? Choose any additional attractions for corporate events . Depending Cameroon Phone Number List on the adopte convention, we can provide our guests with additional experiences. Surprise with an illusion show, invite your favorite singer, suggest party games, a fireworks show or barista or professional bartender performances. Set the menu. The menu should match the variant of the integration meeting that we have chosen.

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For example, if it will be a festive banquet, we must anticipate the appropriate dishes and appetizers. Plan logistics issues. We have to choose a way to get there, check parking spaces, plan the accommodation of guests. If we want to entrust BH Lists the organization to an external entity, we must carefully select the contractor, agree the details with him and sign the contract. Inform and invite employees as soon as possible. A simple idea for an integration meeting Ideas – integration meeting can be really very different.

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