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An afternoon spent together means an opportunity to talk, not only about company topics. Of course, such a spontaneous getaway is a good idea, but it is rare that we get a table for more people without a prior reservation. In addition, it is often the case that someone cannot join the group because they have to take care of children or a dog. In addition, many employees commute to work by car, and after having a drink, the problem arises of how to get home. It is therefore worth planning such meetings a little earlier and give everyone a chance to have fun together.

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Organizing company trips in advance will ensure that virtually everyone will be able to participate in them. If we plan such an integration trip in the middle of the week, in advance, most employees will be happy that instead of going to work, they will get on Ivory Coast Phone Number List a bus and go, for example, to the mountains, to a charming guest house. A company trip as an element of employer branding Company management often wonders how to increase employee productivity . One of the recipes can be a fairly regular organization of company events. This is a great opportunity to build a positive image of the company in the eyes of employees. Integration events will make employees more loyal.

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They will feel appreciate and will be more willing to engage in new projects. They will identify more with their workplace, and this is the first step towards making our company a “company of choice” for them, and not just another stop on their career BH Lists path. internal employer branding is as important as external Organization of a company trip – where to start? Organizing company trips is quite a difficult, contrary to appearances, but satisfying job. However, an idea and good intentions are definitely not enough.

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