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Infographic [infographic] how to achieve corporate compliance: the 7 steps for privacy legal privacy/compliance leggi l’informativa sulla privacy
Inserisci email aziendale e ricevi il white paper* acconsento alla comunicazione dei dati a terzi appartenenti ai seguenti settori merceologici: servizi (tra cui ict/digitali). Manifatturiero. Commercio. Pubblica amministrazione. I dati verranno trattati per finalità di marketing tramite modalità automatizzate e tradizionali di contatto (il tutto come specificato nell’informativa) data protection authorities across europe have made it clear that a vague or general purpose. Such as “improving user experience”. “

For marketing purposes future research

Will not normally satisfy – without further details – the criteria to be “ specific ”. A company will not be able to collect more data for one purpose than it nes (principle of “ data minimization ”) and then retroactively email list ask to use it for additional purposes. Different from the original one. It will therefore be necessary to ask for further consent. Or present an opt-out choice which will therefore arrive at different times and for different things. Net of the obvious creation of different levels of risk that will have to be detect.

Over the-top companies

As we know. Are always at the center of many people’s attention. The news came a few months ago that zuckerberg’s company was sanction by the eu antitrust. With a fine  BH Lists of 110 million euros. For having provid “Incorrect or misleading” information during the investigation relat to the whatsapp m&a operation and the relating to the possibility (initially exclud by the facebook ceo) of connecting the accounts of the two platforms.

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