Google services that will ne to be review

Google services that will ne to be review wanting to report some services that will be affect by these changes. It is possible to mention. As far as google is concern. All the personaliz advertising on its most popular sites (such as google search and youtube); while for facebook both whatsapp advertising will be involv (as the personal data of whatsapp users are process for purposes unrelat to the functionality of the app) and facebook audience network . The service that allows publishers to earn by showing adverts from advertisers facebook in their mobile apps or websites (this service requires the processing of users’ personal data so t

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Even gmail. One of the most popular email services in the world. Will be affect. Google said it extracts the content and metadata of every email message sent and receiv through the gmail service to create target advertising. This cannot continue without the express BH Lists consent of each sender and recipient. This could be the real reason. Or at least one of the reasons. That push google to announce that it will stop extracting such information from emails exchang on the service.

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