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It’s worth noting that, even if you end up on blocklist.  It’s still up to the receiving mail system to decide if your messages get delivere or block. Here’s how Spamhaus explains it. Does not tell a 3rd-party mail system what to do with an item of email. The 3rd-party mail system asks Spamhaus for an opinion. Spamhaus responds to that request with its opinion. In effect the receiving mail server asks the Spamhaus DNSBL ‘Does this Sender’s IP Address exist on the Spamhaus database?’” Here’s a diagram of how that works: Spamhaus blocklist diagram showing email deliverability issues Courtesy: How do senders get blocklist? You could end up on a blocklist for a bunch of different reasons.

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They include Spam traps in your contact list Too many Antarctica Email Lists spam complaints. A sudden, unnatural jump in the size of your list Mail server configuration issues Failing to honor unsubscribe requests. There are plenty of other factors. Some technical and some policy related. Each blocklist has its own set of criteria, which is why the most effective way to avoid being blocklisted is to follow email deliverability best practices, watch out for technical issues, and act like a respectable, responsible sender How do you get removed from blocklists? There are a lot of blocklists around the world, and there’s a good chance your sending domain is listed on at least one or two of them. That may not be a major issue. But it is important to stay off the most used blocklists.

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If you do end up on a major blocklist and your email BH Lists deliverability is impacte. You’ll often receive a notification that indicates the next steps you can take for potential removal. Many blocklist providers have a defined self-service path to getting delisted. This usually involves sending them your contact information and any comments as to the possible reason for the block. Others will provide a case-specific email address and subject line. For major DNSBLs like Spamhaus and Spamcop. You can request specifics about the offending traffic and find out why the blocklisting occurred. This helps you target and fix the issue. It will also be helpful when you explain what you’ve done to remediate the problem that got you on the blocklist.


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