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But keep in mind that mailbox providers and system admins can. Adjust the settings to be higher or lower as well as choose the specific checks they want to run. When Email on Acid runs a SpamAssassin test during deliverability checks. We use the default score of “5” to provide a pass/fail result on that particular email. An example of SpamAssassin results in Email on Acid Sample spam test results from Email on Acid In addition to the spam testing built into Email on Acid’s Campaign Precheck, InboxReady users can conduct inbox placement tests using a seed list to get an even more comprehensive report on email deliverability.

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In the sample report below, you’ll notice Antigua and Barbuda Email lists that 100% of emails went to spam for some mailbox providers (Outlook and Hotmail). That’s an indication that your domain or IP may be blocklisted by those email clients. seed testing product screenshot for InboxReady Blocklists A blocklist (formerly referred to as a blacklist) is a list you definitely don’t want to be on. But it does happen, even to legitimate senders and well-meaning email marketers. Blocklists are databases of sender domains or IP addresses assumed to be transmitting spam. If you’re on the list, your emails may not be delivered to any mailbox provider using that blocklist.

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There are two main types of blocklists: Domain-Name System BH Lists Based Blocklists (DNSBLs): A list of blocked sending domains Real-Time Blocklist (RBLs): Catches offending IP addresses in real time Vendors like Barracuda, SpamCop and Spamhaus operate blocklists. Plus, mailbox providers like Microsoft Outlook have their own internal blocklists as well. The impact that being blocklisted has on deliverability will depend on the blocklist and how widely it’s used. However, landing on smaller blocklists is still a sign that you’ve got potential email deliverability issues.


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