Facebook support with a business page

The goal is to provide help to advertisers and companies who use the platform to promote their products or services through advertising.

There are many reasons why a user might need such assistance, such as:

  • Technical problems : loading errors, account access problems, malfunctions;
  • Security breach : in the event that the account is compromised or hacked, assistance in restoring it can be very useful;
  • Problems with advertising campaigns : it often happens that you need support for creating advertising campaigns, resolving technical problems, optimizing adverts or unblocking blocked adverts;
  • Managing Business Accounts : Facebook’s Business Manager tool may not be easy to use initially, so you may often need assistance to better understand its features.

Often when you need assistance you can’t figure out how to contact them. Facebook, first of all, makes many FAQs available to users with the aim of solving some of the most common problems without the intervention of an operator.

Sometimes, however, pre-set answers are not enough, especially in the presence of very particular or specific problems. In these cases you have to resort to chat with an assistant, below we will explain how to reach it.

Guide to contact Facebook support through chat with an operator

3) In the ” Help ” section there are some recommended articles for solving the problem. If the problem is not one of these, you can proceed by contacting the support team (select the appropriate button);

4) Choose the advertising account for which you are contacting support;

5) Select your problem from the list below;

6) A window will open where you can choose how to receive support (chat, call or email);

7) Enter more details about the problem so that operators have as much information as possible to provide help;

8) Confirm your email address and telephone number to be contacted by assistance.

An operator will then contact you in order to provide the assistance necessary to resolve the problem encountered. It will be possible to interface with an expert able to follow you step by step.

To chat with them you need to follow these steps:

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