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Bad news in a hospitality country like ours. This sector needs great improvement efforts because ignorance and lack of investment are the causes of this flagrant inefficiency. Energy in About sustainable development A change in energy behavior is needed that allows sustainable and competitive development for companies. Buildings (existing and new) are the main focus of new European policies that in the last decade have developed an extensive regulatory framework around energy efficiency in buildings in the EU. Starting in 2020, its energy saving objectives will be intensified by inducing almost zero consumption models .

In this effort aimed

At sustainability, large companies with more than 250 employees and whose annual. Turnover exceeds 50 million euros, or whose annual balance executive email list sheet is more than 43 million euros (with the exception of SMEs). Have obligation to carry out an energy audit every 4 years . Three trends in energy management The first trend is the application. Of Smart Energy models, one more step in the evolution of the energy. Management of any project to understand behaviors, estimate scenarios and monitor. The operation of the facilities, as well as the impact of any applied measure. . A second trend is the demand for cleaner energy in mobility .


Energy in The electric vehicle

As well as the use of other fuels such as LNG (liquefied natural gas) or hydrogen. Appear in the mobility sector to reduce CO2 emissions produced by this sector. National transportation BH Lists represents 24% of total CO2 emissions. Surprising (or not so surprising) is the fact that 95% of the total of these emissions are produced by road transport . The implementation of electric vehicles has become a challenge for local and state administrations that seek to improve local air quality.

The third trend is Smart mobility. As in the case of buildings, mobility is one of the vectors on which many of the actions of Smartcity projects are focused, which are supported by mathematical models that allow us to understand behavior inside and outside cities to manage mobility, reducing road congestion and the CO2 emissions generated.

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