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According to Hootsuite since launching in 2016, TikTok has achieved 3 billion downloads (including 672 million downloads in 2022 alone) and 50 million daily active users. It is clear that the application has been a great success, with numbers continually growing.

The Digimind blog also reported some interesting statistics regarding the use of TikTok in Italy: “Following the latest data reported by Audiweb relating to October 2022, active users on the social media are more than 18 million, in April in 2022 they were 14.4 million.”

According to data collected by Wearesocial and Hootsuite, the time spent by Italian users on TikTok increases more and more, year after year, positioning itself among the most used platforms. In 2022, with 28.9%, it was positioned below Telegram (45.3%), after Instagram (71.4%), Facebook (78.6%) and Whatsapp (90.8%).

In Europe, the website has detected a particularly high number of users of the application: at the top of the 2022 ranking is the United Kingdom with 17 million active users, followed by 14.9 million in France, 10, 7 million in Germany and so on. Italians are in fourth place with 9.8 million active users.

How TikTok works

Videos published on TikTok must necessarily respect the following characteristics to be successful:

  • Last no less than 15 seconds and no more than 3 minutes (you can also create videos lasting 5 seconds, but they may not be effective);
  • Have audio (music, sound effects, spoken voice) that keeps users glued;
  • Be in 9:16 format, to allow them to be played in full screen (like Instagram stories);

Why can TikTok be useful in a corporate marketing strategy?

Once you have analyzed your target and verified that the audience could be on TikTok, it is natural to start planning a strategy that can hit them.

The platform allows you to create viral and authentic content, involving a very large audience that is willing to interact with the brand’s community.

6 good reasons to include TikTok in your business strategy:

  1. It offers a large, young, involved and very active audience;
  2. It allows you to create simple, short and light content;
  3. The videos created spread very quickly, easily becoming viral;
  4. The Social Network pushes users to interact and participate through challenges, duets, contests or other engaging activities;
  5. Help brands show their authentic and human side;
  6. It provides advanced tracking tools, very useful for monitoring the performance of publications.
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