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The most common, but at the same time the most trivial idea for integration is simply a feast at a lavishly set table. But is this what our employees really expect? It is possible that this will satisfy some of our guests, but usually we expect that there will be a bit more going on at the event. We usually want the meeting to be interesting and maybe even exciting. We also invite guests to show them something, boast about something or simply surprise and amuse them. Similarly, integration meetings should have some feature that will make them stand out. Few people have the conditions to make a bonfire on their property. That is why a common integration campfire always works well on trips.

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For our guests, it is an opportunity to recall, for example, colonies or scout camps or holidays under a pear tree with their parents. Usually that’s when common themes and smiles appear. This form of meeting also does not require a special Cayman Islands Phone Number List setting. Usually, the glow of the flame and being close to nature is enough. Integration meeting – ideas? We are increasingly living in a digital world. Both at work and outside of it. This makes many people miss having fun in a larger group, necessarily live.

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Therefore, thematic games base on a scenario or theme are very popular. There are many ideas for such events and in this respect we are only limite by our own imagination. Here are just a few hints that can be use to give a unique character to our integration BH Lists meeting. Let’s try to create a harmonious group of employees in an unusual way! 1. movie-theme party – let’s suggest that guests dress up as a selecte character from the screen, or let’s impose a theme ourselves. It can be a game of knights, cosmic heroes, Vikings, which have been fashionable for several years, etc.

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