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Fun in the style of a selecte era – a banquet in the style of the 1920s will give us a chance for a certain dose of frivolity. In turn, we will remember the atmosphere of rebellion and freeom by organizing a pogo party in the style of cult concerts in Jarocin in the 80s. Team games 3. Treasure hunters game – we have to make an effort to find all the “treasures” by following the clues. 4. team building games – these are games and activities focuse on building good relationships in the group. This is a great idea for developing soft skills – the ability to cooperate and share ideas, communicativeness and assertiveness.

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An experience organizer will certainly know which team building exercises suit your company. outdoor games or an outdoor event – for example, a mini golf tournament, a football match or a trip to the rope park. For lovers of stronger sensations, let’s Chile Phone Number List organize paintball, off-road or rafting. On the other hand, for those looking for relaxation and relaxation, an interesting concert, bowling, billiards or just going out on the town or a walk in the picturesque surroundings will be just right. Culinary workshops – can be a great opportunity to learn the culinary secrets of chefs.

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Regardless of which idea for an integration meeting we choose, we will certainly provide our guests with a portion of positive energy. With each variant, we build a good atmosphere and create an opportunity to strengthen bonds. Integration meeting for BH Lists employees as a tool Integration meetings are optional for employees, not obligatory. If someone doesn’t want to participate, they shouldn’t be force to. However, it must be admitte that everyone willingly participates in the repair of interesting meetings.

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