With hyper-personalize emails

With hyper-personalized emails. Bluetent experiences huge wins in the hospitality space. Google requires the same for gmail.  Along with a few more things like a logo copyright and a vmc (verifi mark certificate). This makes bimi implementation at google more than just a technical adjustment.  As getting those elements in place can be a long process. To get bimi to work for gmail.  You’ll have to go through the following requirements: The ability to provide email validation and greater brand visibility in the inbox is an appealing thing for marketers. 

Look at the requirements for each

So how do you know if it’s a right fit for you?Look at a breakdown of your subscribers’ email client usage and see if these list bimi-supporters are well represent there. Look at the requirements for each provider africa email list and see which ones you already have in place.Look at what it would require to set up the remaining elements. Note: make sure to consider bimi-setup-assistance services if that will help you get start.And remember — because the requirements are currently on a per email-provider basis.  The decision to implement doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

You can begin by meeting yahoo’s requirements

If you’ve determin you’d like to start.  You can begin by meeting yahoo’s requirements and testing with those users. Then.  If you’re seeing BH Lists positive results.  That might be a sign to invest in the setup requir to use bimi for gmail users as well. Email security and validation have never been more ne in the history of email — and bimi is a great chance to provide both of those things. Whether you are planning to move forward with this or not.  It is important to remember that new technological elements work best when pair with quality list maintenance. If bimi sounds like a great fit for you and your organization.  Then implementing is a no-brainer. Getting the proper authentications and copyrights can be time-consuming if not already in place. But.  For a more secure and more trust user experience.  It could be well worth it.

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