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These models The use of these artificial machines has made it possible to optimize investments, leading to the creation of “expert systems”, capable of possessing in-depth knowlge in a given application scenario, and to the birth of robots and software specializ in various sectors. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is us in every field, to the point of using it even in our daily lives . Just think of cars that can drive themselves or thermostats and air conditioners that understand when to turn on bas on the tenant’s nes. Artificial intelligence is not the future, it is already the present! New call-to-action Return to index.

The impact of artificial intelligence

As we said, the figure of the seller is not disappearing, but the way of selling products is changing. Most actions now take place via automat machines and for the near future. We can prict that most relationships with a company will take place without a web designs and development service human being acting as an intermiary. Many companies are already experimenting with some of the new innovations, such as Amelia , a cognitive technology capable of understanding natural language and responding relevantly and quickly to customer questions. At a time when sales reps spend so much time closing deals, the support of an intelligent machine has a certain appeal.

But what does this lead to

To a substantial change in sales processes. The figure of the seller does not die, but his work certainly undergoes an evolution. Most of its tasks and business activities are automat, such as collecting customer and service information or processing sales data. Not everything, however, can be automat. In establishing BH Lists a relationship with a potential customer, in fact, there is no machine that can handle it. The human touch and authentic communication are essential to advise your interlocutor and establish a relationship of trust. The entry of artificial intelligence leads to many changes, but it cannot replace the importance of salespeople, who will have to adapt to working with machines in a certain sense.

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