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Lash Studio is the result of studies done through the tools that sales teams use to identify, entertain and close leads. These tools allow problems to be solv in an innovative way. Thus allowing teams to be more effective in their actions. We must therefore learn to keep up with the times and make the most of the potential. Of new means of communication and concentrate our energies on innovations so as not to be left behind. From the birth to the development of artificial intelligence. The impact of artificial intelligence How artificial intelligence intertwines with business reality.

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To what extent can artificial intelligence manage sales? Digital sales transformation. From the birth to the development of artificial intelligence We are in . The scientist Alan Turing publishes an article in which he says that a machine can be consider intelligent. If it passes the Turing test, that is, if it is not possible to distinguish the computer from the human being. For this reason, the mathematician, in addition to having seo expater bangladesh ltd made a great contribution to computer science, is to be consider the father of artificial intelligence , which he had already theoriz in the s. After the Second World War, the first calculators were born, consider the first useful and suitable tools for reproducing a human mind.

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We arrive at the second half of the fifties, in which artificial intelligence was actually born as a discipline. This new science studies those techniques that allow the creation of hardware capable of providing the machine with performances that would BH Lists seem to be exclusively human. He immiately had great success and a large following, until his first setback at the end of the sixties. However, once these limits have been overcome, artificial intelligence finally finds use in the industrial sector. The new machines no longer reason through logical propositions, but their systems begin to be bas on knowlge. The machine, therefore, pass the test.

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