Nathy Peluso strips naked for a Desigual campaign

With Nathy Peluso naked and in black and white. The Desigual brand premieres its campaign for the fall season. With the artist as the protagonist. The brand says goodbye to its traditional display of colors. In the campaign images. The artist strips naked to celebrate what is essential: the strength. Pride, passion and confidence that… Continue reading Nathy Peluso strips naked for a Desigual campaign

Your Gateway to Product Industry Contacts

This is Your Gateway perhaps the most complicated concept to understand but the one with the most potential. The relative date indicates the day this task should be ready. It is imported into Todoist as a due date but is specified as the number of days from the time you import the tasks into Todoist.… Continue reading Your Gateway to Product Industry Contacts

scanner and pleasure seeker

After all, we all learned how to read fairly early in life, usually scanner and in elementary school, right? But do you really know how to read? More importantly, are you really reading ? Reading can make you a better writer, as long as you pay attention and leave time to actually write. We’re talking… Continue reading scanner and pleasure seeker

Gather requirements thoroughly

Creatives create the best material with parameters and. Gather requirements specific problems to solve.  Tweet Constraints drive genius, according to David Sturt. Executive vice president of OCTanner, an employee recognition and reward solutions company. In an award-winning study of 1.7 million people, he found that “people who create new value at work are often inspired… Continue reading Gather requirements thoroughly