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After all, we all learned how to read fairly early in life, usually scanner and in elementary school, right? But do you really know how to read? More importantly, are you really reading ? Reading can make you a better writer, as long as you pay attention and leave time to actually write. We’re talking here about what you say, not what you say. In case you haven’t noticed, competition in the world of online content is fierce. Anyone who is playing to win is searching high and low for information that others don’t have. This often means that you are subscribed to a ridiculous number of sites. Seeking new information from a wide variety of sources is great, but it doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage. The ancient Greeks had a label for people who were widely read but not well -read—they called them second-graders

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 Like  not a sophomore college student. We know people category email list  don’t read well online. Rather than digesting the whole thing, they want to ruthlessly scan for nuggets of interesting information and be entertained in the process. This is the reality that online publishers deal with, so we disguise our nuggets of wisdom in approachable formats and clever analogies.But that doesn’t mean you should read it that way . If you publish online at all, you’ve probably seen someone leave a comment that clearly shows they don’t read or understand your content. It’s even more painful when someone writes a responsive post that clearly misses the whole point of the original article. It happens to all of us from time to time, but you don’t want to be one of these people consistently.

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 Credibility is hard enough to establish without routinely Bh Lists  showing that you don’t know the topic you choose to write about, whether it’s an article or a comment. Plus, if you’re just scanning through hundreds of headlines and reading purely for entertainment, you’re at a disadvantage. Someone in your niche or industry could read the book or read more deeply and become a higher authority. Or you will after reading this article.People often think of learning as a process of information gathering and retention. However, being able to recall and regurgitate information is a low level of learning compared to insightful understanding. We’ve all come across bloggers who are big on regurgitation. These cut-and-paste creatives add value to the world through source

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