Nathy Peluso strips naked for a Desigual campaign

With Nathy Peluso naked and in black and white. The Desigual brand premieres its campaign for the fall season. With the artist as the protagonist. The brand says goodbye to its traditional display of colors. In the campaign images. The artist strips naked to celebrate what is essential: the strength. Pride, passion and confidence that characterize both Peluso and Desigual. In the words of the interpreter of La sandunguera in the campaign video: “I no longer ask for forgiveness or permission.” The spot has been directed by Pau L√≥pez (Manson).

Wth an unquestionable international projection and a meteoric career

Nathy Peluso , born in Argentina category email list and rooted in Spain. Highlights that she is “proud that my people feel identified with what I do. Therefore, that they take features of my culture and message. Make them their own. Therefore, the campaign photographs – four nudes. Therefore, a portrait – were captured by Txema Yeste. In which the artist strategically covers her body with a leather design piece by Maitrepierre for the Desigual brand. Under the hashtag NathyPelusoxDesigual , they have worked side by side to create this campaign. After a first joint work in 2019. As Thomas Meyer, founder of Desigual, highlights.

Nathy Pelusox Desigual

The founder of the brand highlights BH Lists that the performer “is a prestigious singer and songwriter. Therefore, with an unquestionable career .” Having her be our ambassador will allow us to connect with a renewed audience, with women who identify with her. Therefore, with the messages of her songs. “We are convinced that this audience will also be attracted to our new collection, full of Desigual DNA, with designs that express the personality of whoever decides to wear them.” The bag will be available in yellow. Therefore, black and white. It will also have a mini version in white. The images starring.

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