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Planning content index what are okrs and what do they represent why okrs are so popular in the corporate world how you can set your own okrs examples of good and bad okrs the benefits of using okrs in your company how to track your progress and ensure you hit your okr goals with kp to conclude what are okrs and what do they represent okrs are a performance management system that was originally introduc by andy grove of intel in . “okr” stands for “ goals and key results”. Moonshot factory a company found by google describes okrs as “a system center on achieving short and long term business objectives.

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The goal of using okrs to focus on and measure progress towards specific objectives kp . Th can be especially useful for companies that have moonshots which are bold ambitious goals. Okrs can be us at both a company and individual level. At the mobile app designs service company level okrs can help employees understand how their work fits into the broader scope of the company. They can also encourage them to think more strategically and act on the company’s goals. At an individual level okrs can provide a clear picture of expectations and what you intend to do to achieve them.

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In conclusion okrs are a useful tool for performance management at both the company and individual levels. Moonshot factory describes them as “a goal focus system ” and that’s exactly what they do they help people and organizations focus on BH Lists what’s important and how to achieve it. Why okrs are so popular in the corporate world the development and success of a business are determin by the ability to set and achieve objectives effectively. Okrs are a template that helps companies set these goals. The advantages of okrs lie in their simplicity.

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