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Alice on her Instagram account. Will someone order food. Katya Astrologer If the customer is meticulous and always inserts. A word about his inflate demands , then he is definitely a Scorpio. Katya thinks so she is obsess with astrology , and in an hour of lunch time. She is ready to draw up a detail natal chart for you. Vitaly Trainee This hero does t know much about anything yet. He s new , sometimes he feels constrain and a little lost. But it s okay , his eyes still sparkle like. On his first day at work , so Vitali is the most curious and proactive member of the team.

Anastasia Gubinskaya photographer traveler

This means you can assign tasks that no one wants. To do to him photo editing servies but it s better not to abuse this . Dashi Best employee She enthusiastically takes. On any task and sometimes it seems that Dashi works hours a day. This employee is the very first to appear in the office and finishes work later than everyone else every day. Usually such a workaholic is difficult to find , but it is impossible not to hear him. Follow the sound of loudly typing keys , then you will definitely find Dashi.

Tatyana Rudakova fashion blogger stylist

Algor Udalenka Few people have heard. His voice , and it seems that there BH Lists are none at all who have seen Igor Udalenka live . Nevertheless, he manages to complete tasks on time , but it is always unclear where he is. Today at home on the couch , and tomorrow somewhere in Kamchatka. Rita How old Nobody remembers how long Rita has been working in the company. She probably already lost track of time. You can always contact her with any question , and she also remembers the birthdays of all employees even those who left long ago.

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