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What are some effective B2B email marketing examples and strategies. Now that we have an idea of what to include in a B2B marketing email. Let’s look at five proven techniques and examples. Build trust through content (InVision) Keep it short and simple (Harvest. Tell a story (Salesforce) Collaborate and educate (Later) Be creative (Trello) Let’s explore each of these in more detail below. 1. Build trust through content (InVision) Invision b2b email example Stellar content marketing is essential to the success of a B2B company.

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That’s why some of the best B2B newsletters Cabo Verde Email List educate their email lists with their latest and most popular blog posts. Providing valuable insight can help build trust with your audience. Once you establish trust, your subscriber is more likely to buy your product or service in the future. InVision, a leading product design platform, knows the power of building trust through educational blog content. InVision creates their entire newsletter around blog content. They divide their most popular thought leadership content into different color blocks at the top.

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Moving away from the illustrative design BH Lists blocks at the top, the rest of the newsletter focuses on using stock photography to highlight some of InVision’s other blog content. This contrast in imagery is also a great way to test what kind of visuals work better for your audience, stock photos or illustrations. With the sole purpose of educating their audience, InVision’s newsletter is more likely to move their non-customer readers into using their platform in the future. 2. Keep it short and to the point (Harvest) View this on Really Good Emails With B2B email marketing, once a potential customer signs up to receive your newsletter, you need to send an effective onboarding. Email that helps them become familiar with the main features of your product.


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