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like HBO’s theme songs 435 SHARES Facebook 433 Twitter Pinterest 2 LinkedIn Beautiful Instagram photos in the blink of an eye with free apps. As the name suggests, Instagram is an image sharing service, so images are even more important there than on Facebook or other social media services. Instagram lives on images, and that’s why it’s important that you put your images there. In the service, the image is the one that catches the eye first, and it actually determines whether your followers read the text of the image at all. text can be completely wasted on Instagram if the eye doesn’t focus on the picture you’ve added, but instead your follower swipes forward in the news stream without stopping.

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 Pictures can be beautiful just as they are, but often a little editing and improvement new data makes your picture shine, because editing brings out the best aspects of your picture better. Luckily, there are easy-to-use photo editing apps that you can download directly to your phone. advantage that, for example, without always using the same specific adjustments or filters, you can conveniently keep your Instagram account consistent and attractive.

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Next, let’s go through my on the phone. SNAPCEED Snapceed  BH Lists is a good basic application with a good selection of filters that can quickly give your picture a new edge if needed. in more detail in the “Image adjustment” section. The specialty of Snapceed is that you can also adjust a specific part of the image, without touching the adjustments of the entire image. It can be done from Tools -> Selective. In the image below, I’ve made some basic adjustments, used the Portrait filter and on top of that I’ve adjusted my face a little brighter. beautiful instagram photos beautiful instagram photos VSCO The VSCO application definitely has the best filters and you can buy more of them cheaply. 

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