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With BSM solutions and virtual crdit cards We wish you many interesting insights into the world of modern Procure-to-Pay solutions! Download the e-book now! By the way: You can also find out more about Coupa’s BSM solution and the integration of AirPlus Virtual Cards as an efficient payment solution for your company in our blog article and in our podcast . Unfortunately, this solution is not yet available for Switzerland.

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From board soap without microplastics to species protection projects such as “Gleisgold” to our own sustainable power generation: When it comes to sustainability, Deutsche Bahn takes a multi-prongd approach. In our new podcast Latest Mailing Database episode, which you can now find on Spotify , Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts . 30,000 business customers with the most diverse neds With more than 30,000 business customers – from SMEs to large companies, from authorities and corporations to the owner fderal government – Deutsche Bahn has a very heterogeneous customer portfolio.

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Correspondingly multifacetd: the associatd neds and challenges, which range from simple trip booking to holistic mobility solutions. In BH Lists addition: Corona has changd the business travel market, and the train in particular was not the preferrd means of travel during this time. Therefore, now is the time to “win back market shares in the business travel sector”, as Jan-Wolf Baake reports in our podcast.

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