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In large enterprises, it is impossible to turn everything off just like that, some of the staff must always be at work. When it comes to company trips planne in advance, you should rather avoid holidays and holidays. Most people prefer to spend this time with love ones. In addition, occupancy in hotels and guesthouses is higher than usual. For the same reason, so-calle long weekends should be avoide. And the time of year? Each has its pluses and minuses. Of course, a company ski trip must take place in the winter season, but otherwise nothing limits us.

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In summer, a long day and high temperature are conducive to playing outdoors, but autumn evenings by the fireplace, with a glass of mulle wine or a glass of cognac are also very charming. In turn, spring, when everything comes to life, can fill our employees Kenya Phone Number List with an additional portion of energy. A company trip to the mountains will work at any time of the year! [Comm banner and link] Team building – Dwór Korona Karkonosze Corporate trip – where to? The question of “where to go” is quite closely relate to the question of “when to go”? If we care about seasonal attractions, the mountains win.

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There the season lasts all year round and it is always beautiful. In the summer, there are obligatory trips to the trails, and in the winter – skiing. Spring and autumn is the time to admire the beautiful, changing colors of landscapes. On the other BH Lists hand, in summer, during holidays, there are a lot of people at the seaside and it is rather a time of private trips and holidays. After the season, however, many seaside towns die down a bit. When choosing a place for a business trip, let’s also pay attention to the possibility and convenience of travel, and above all – its time.

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