Simple Techniques to Improve Conversions in your eCommerce

One of the most difficult steps to achieve when setting up a store – ecommerce or traditional – is attracting customers . In fact, talking about attracting customers is not entirely correct. We can attract visitors or interested people, but not all of them will be customers. In fact, only a small percentage will make a purchase and can be defined as a customer. In the case of traditional physical stores, we are a bit limited by the medium. A nice, eye-catching showcase, with good offers and products can be a good attraction. But if no one passes by, it will be of no use. In the case of ecommerce, the range is much broader since the number of potential clients is also wider.

Conversion and definitions

If you have an ecommerce and you are wondering how to convert company data visits into sales, we have selected 4 easy methods that you can carry out and obtain unexpected results. How to convert simple visits into customers: 4 methods to improve your ratio conversion and definitions before explaining how you can increase the conversion of your ecommerce, it is important to clarify some concepts that will be repeated and that are crucial to understanding the process. On the one hand, when we talk about conversion we refer to the number of visitors to a website or online store who perform a desired action . Depending on our objective, it may be to click on a banner, read an article or, as in this case, make a purchase.

Techniques to improve the conversion

From the conversion, the conversion rate is born, something BH Lists very important to objectively quantify and measure the results. The conversion rate or ratio is the percentage, measured over a certain period of time, of visitors who have performed the desired action and, therefore, have converted, of the total number of visitors to the website or online store, we understand, therefore, that the main objective is to increase this conversion rate . To do this, the so-called cro is carried out . Cro is a set of marketing strategies. Aimed at improving our ecommerce or website to optimize them in. Such a way that organically allows us to increase this conversion rate . Now that we are clear about these three fundamental concepts, we can continue without fear of anyone being left behind.

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