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ExitLag is a unique proxy service created with the gaming community in mind.

e of tools designed to improve the gaming experience because it  and reliable connections.

The Multipath Connection, which simultaneously distributes a

ExitLag offers a rang

connection packet over multiple cold calling scripts for bankers paths to ensure timely delivery and reduce latency, is one of its unique features.

FPS Boost, a collection of tweaks to the operating system, adds to this by improving frame rate performance (FPS) during gaming and resulting in a smoother visual experience.

values ​​low latency

In addition, ExitLag claims hundreds of Servers around the World that are scattered around the world and provide a reliable connection from almost anywhere.

This servers BH Lists spread large network enables players to connect to servers that are closer to the server hosting their game, thus reducing latency. But ExitLag stands out because of its Real-Time Optimization.

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