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It may concern entire environments, such as the integration of people with disabilities, migrants or other groups at risk of social exclusion. The term is also often use to refer to various fields and phenomena. It may concern, for example, economic processes, IT systems or management. Integration can be spontaneous or in some way consciously directe – then we have influence on the individual stages of integration . The social dimension of integration is of particular interest to us. More precisely, integration at work .

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Atmosphere at work Research shows that for most people – about 80% – one of the most important factors determining whether to stay in a given company or change their place of employment is the atmosphere at work. Especially in a situation where they could VP Audit Email Lists receive a similar salary or sometimes even a little more elsewhere. The key factor in deciding whether to stay or leave is how they feel about their environment. Imagine, for example, a shop worker, a plasterer, an accountant or a biology teacher. Each of these people can perform the same activities in a different plant or school.

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They will probably get a similar salary for their work. So what makes them work there and not elsewhere? It turns out that the most important thing is how they relate to other employees. Do they like each other, are they appreciate, do they have BH Lists something to talk about. Not all of us are aware that, for example. Daria has been working with us for 15 years because she likes to go to lunch with her friends from the neighboring department and talk about the cinema. Tomasz likes to joke with his co-workers during a coffee break. Pace and efficiency at work A good atmosphere allows us not only to retain employees, but also translates into pace and efficiency at work.

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