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In turn, of the Described the analyze provision of the Labor Code states that periodic and medical check-ups shall be carrie out. Whenever possible, during working hours. The employee retains the right to remuneration for the time. When he or Described the she does not perform work in connection with the tests being carried out. And in the event of traveling to another location for these tests. He or she is entitled to allowances to cover travel costs in accordance with the rules applicable to business trips. The following are subject to periodic medical examinations: periodically, all employed employees on dates set by an occupational medicine doctor, which are indicated in the certificate on the absence of contraindications to work.

Employees employe in conditions of exposure

To carcinogenic substances and factors or fibrosing dusts are obliged to provide. These employees with periodic medical examinations also after ceasing work in contact philippines photo editor with these substances, factors or dusts and after termination of the employment relationship, if the intereste person submits an application for such examinations. The frequency of periodic check-ups is specifie in the Regulation of the Minister of Health and Social. Welfare of May , on medical examinations of employees, the scope of preventive health care. For employees and medical certificates issued for the purposes provided for in the Labor Code.

Employees are subject to medical

Check-ups in the event of incapacity for work cause by illness lasting longer than days. Case law Judgment of the Supreme Court of March . Act II PSKP / An employee reporting to work after a period of incapacity for work lasting longer than days is BH Lists obliged to undergo a medical check-up, to which he or she will be ordered by the employer pursuant to Art. of the Labor Code Pursuant to Art. of the Labor Code, the employee is subject to periodic medical examinations.

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