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Team building ideas – how to choose attractions? How should team integration through play procee? Attractions for corporate events with elements of team building can be really diverse. For example, film workshops or a treasure hunter game – a joint expeition for a hidden treasure will remain in the memory of the entire crew for a long time! But in order to properly select team building attractions for the tastes and capabilities of our employees, you must first determine the basic parameters. Firstly, what group are we organizing them for? What do our employees do every day.

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Do they work in one place or do they only contact each other remotely? We nee to know, at least in outline, the field of knowlege or the area of ​​work performe by a given crew. And of course, how large is the group. Some of the popular team building El Salvador WhatsApp Number List games are designe for a certain number of people. Secondly, the time we have at our disposal. Will it be a 2-3-day integration trip? if so, where to? And how is the day planne? The season of the year in the case of outdoor fun and games is also important. Third, the place. If it will be, for example, a hotel in the mountains, are we planning a joint trekking.

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Or maybe kayaks on a mountain river or a snowboard school? Or are we planning team building activities in the hotel, for example building a Goldberg machine or some interesting scenario game? Team building integrates, but games should be BH Lists tailore to a specific group. The point is that the participants are able to complete the tasks set and do not feel tire. At the end, it is always worth summarizing the results positively, and ending the whole thing with, for example, a joint feast or tasting of craft products.

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