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 When he agrees to impersonate a real medium to con a guilt-ridden billionaire out of his fortune, the former performer’s life turns into a nightmare from which he can’t wake. Spencer Kristen Stewart plays Princess Diana in Spencer. Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana rushes to divorce Prince Charles amid marital difficulties, she must spend her holidays at the royal retreat at Sandringham Estate dealing with the fallout. Stewart’s performance propels this biopic, which tells the story of a desperate woman trapped in the eye of a public hurricane, a woman haunted by ghosts who is doing her best to protect her family and herself.


 Pig Nicholas Cage Pig

Photo courtesy When mysterious woodcutter Nicolas Cage is burglarized at his secluded cabin, his prize pig is kidnapped, and he must return to the city of Portland to reclaim what he lost. But in this surreal restaurant culture, Woodcutter’s past as a chef may make the task more complicated than it seems. Benedetta Charlotte Rampling in Benedetta. Photo Chinese Overseas Europe Number provided by Director Paul Verhoeven mercilessly gives Benedetta Virginie Efila free reign in this brutal depiction of century-old Italian monastic life, leaving audiences stunned and appalled. As she experiences visions of Jesus and shows signs of shame, the church attempts to use Benedetta for its own ends.

 But she has her

own plans and becomes caught up in a fiery lebanon phone numbers war while trying to survive the Black Death. love. Shirley From left Elisabeth Moss plays writer Shirley Jackson in Shirley. Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Moss Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale depicts revered horror writer Shirley Jackson in a film where fantasy and reality blur. This fictional account of her life is set in the early 1990s, when Jackson was struggling to finish her novel. A young couple living with her is inspired and horrified, while her husband Jackson’s obsession with a missing girl begins to blur with the young pregnant woman she lives with.

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