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 After taking the course, you will be able to have a website fully prepared to take on the online world with guarantees. Potential candidates for a position. There are many ways to find candidates, including job postings, employee testimonials, online job boards, and social media screening of candidates is the process of reviewing applications and resumes to identify qualified candidates for vacant positions.

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 The screening process can be performed by an hr professional new database or hiring manager interviewing candidates is the process of meeting with candidates to assess their qualifications for the position. The interview process can be conducted by a team of hr professionals, hiring managers, or interviewers the process of selecting a candidate is the process of selecting the best candidate for a particular position.

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The selection process can be based on a number of factors, BH Lists including the qualifications of candidates, interview performance and referrals induction training is the process of guiding and onboarding new employees. Induction training can include orientation programs, training and social events recruitment process evaluation is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the recruitment process.

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