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In smaller companies, events are usually organize by a person appointe by the boss or by the boss himself. The most common and simplest idea is simply to find a facility that, in addition to accommodation, also offers the organization of company events. The event manager employe by the hotel will take care of all aspects of the integration event – according to the budget and purpose of the meeting, he will prepare various attractions. How to choose a hotel for a corporate event? What to look for when choosing a hotel for integration events.

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First of all, is it big enough for the whole team to be in one place. Another important issue is whether the facility has a ballroom. Most often, successful integration ends with dancing… Commplace Agency Training Center – Dwór Korona Karkonoszy UK Phone Number List Other issues are parking for coaches, attractions available in the facility or possible to be organize nearby. The experience of the staff in the organization of corporate events and the reputation of the hotel are important. It is also worth paying attention to good cuisine, offering local delicacies and an unconventional approach to each client. Also, the selection of local craft products , for example beers, can be a real attraction for our guests.

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Craft beers – Commplace Agency Training Center – Dwór Korona Karkonoszy When choosing a place for our employees, let’s take into account what type of trip it will be. Do we want to combine it with training, for example, or inform about promotions or BH Lists changes in the company? On neutral ground, outside the company, it will be easier for employees to open up, switch to you or talk about what is important to them. It will be easier for them to accept announcements of changes or new tasks.

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