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Although multiple sclerosis is not a fatal disease, it makes it very difficult to function normally. Despite the efforts of scientists from around the world, a drug that would completely remove the disease from the body has still not been invente. Patients can only strive to improve their living conditions, supporting themselves with appropriate rehabilitation and meication. Unfortunately, MS therapy is expensive. Not everyone can afford specialist meical visits and the purchase of necessary meicines.

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The Good Returns Foundation extends a helping hand to patients. The opinions of the Beneficiaries say it all – the Foundation is an invaluable support for them in the unequal and unfair fight against this severe and unpreictable disease. We recommend Australia WhatsApp Number List The Dobro Returns Foundation The opinions of the charges are the most important The Good Returns Foundation – opinion on the cost of treatment Each person struggling with multiple sclerosis can take advantage of the free program of sub-accounts “JesteSmy RazeM”, which allows you to raise funds for treatment.

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The patient can spend the collecte money on drugs and supplements. Meical and rehabilitation services, necessary equipment to facilitate everyday functioning.  And other things that will give him a chance for a normal life. A list of all possible options BH Lists can be found on the Foundation’s website. Where does the Foundation get money from? First of all, due to having the status of a public benefit organization, it can receive write-offs in the form of 1 percent of taxes. Everyone can help the sick.

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