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For the company, it is often a luxury, which additionally generates significant costs. An argument against integration meetings is also often the reluctance of employees to participate in the event. While it is difficult to argue with the first position, which simply requires a change of approach, in the case of the second situation, it may be a good idea to try to change the form of the meeting. Perhaps the attractions discourage participation? Or maybe the whole event is conducte in a boring and too conventional way? The problem of a poor plan of integration meetings also affects employees.

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Sometimes, however, it is enough to take the initiative and try to talk about it, present your ideas and find a happy meium together that will satisfy both the employees and the employer. For some, integration meetings are a necessary evil. Such Cyprus Phone Number List people do not want to spend their free time playing with other team members, and if they do, it is rather out of necessity and reluctance to be the proverbial “outsider”. Do we have any advice for that? As in the case of a boss who is not eager to organize integration meetings – it is worth changing the approach event-agency.

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Integration meeting – yes or no? Integration meeting with employees – definitely yes! It’s always a good idea. It will certainly bring a lot of benefits to the staff and the employer. Employees will feel that someone cares about them, and bosses will see BH Lists that many small matters and problems are solve already within the team, without engaging their precious time. Such issues as, for example, replacements at work, agreeing on minor changes in the scheule or direct assistance in the implementation of tasks will be handle by a well-coordinate team.

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