SEO for social media: what it is and how to do it

The rules to follow for good seo on youtube, facebook, linkedin and instagram. You’ve known seo for a long time, but you hear about seo for social media and you’re not sure what’s different? The truth is that there are no such big differences, everything is in a different application. Classic seo, in fact, refers to positioning on the serp. While seo for social media must encourage interaction with the public . In essence, links on social media do not work directly on positioning. But generating valuable content on social media can bring traffic to your site. And help your positioning indirectly .

How to do SEO for social media?

The first seo rule for social media is to create an ad hoc program for each platform. It is really important, even if this aspect. Is often underestimated due to laziness or inexperience. Latest Database Soon we will see in detail all the useful ideas for the different social networks. Starting from the assumption that you must never forget to publish content regularly. And that it is useful for your audience , let’s now focus on the good practices. That are always good to put in place when doing seo on social media.First of all, we need to clarify a concept. When we talk about seo for social media . We mean the creation of a community that might be interested in you and what you sell.

Create a social editorial plan

As we have already mentioned. BH Lists  You need to create a specific editorial plan for each social network . Organize an seo strategy in a way alike a marketing strategy. Write the project even before opening the account and follow a program. And a very specific editorial line . There is no randomness when you use social media for work. Enter all the reference data to be found on google. Especially if you have a commercial business. Elements such as geolocation , telephone number and opening hours are of particular importance . Remember that this information must be the same on all social profiles. So no different addresses or telephone numbers between. The facebook and linkedin profiles, for example.

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