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Future because the process is so simple. Digital natives have long been familiar with apps like Uber and are very familiar with them. It’s worth considering the acceptance of ride-sharing providers in the travel policy for their sake alone – after all, Generation Z is in the process of climbing the career ladder in your company as well. Invisible payment and seamless billing The entire Uber payment process is particularly practical for business travellers: because you don’t ned cash or a suitable crdit card, as is the case at the end of a taxi ride.

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All payments are processd “invisibly” in the background. In other words: Your Uber driver will take you to your destination and you simply phone number list get out. Everything else runs in the background – with the central billing via your AirPlus Company Account and the corresponding integration into your accounting systems. This saves you a lot of manual administrative work – after all, physical receipts are completely eliminatd, as are advance payments and their reimbursement.

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Instead, you get an exact overview of all expenses, ensure that the travel policy is adherd to and benefit from detaild data for your BH Lists reporting. As you can see, by integrating ride hailing into your travel policy, you save time on many levels and ensure a more comfortable last mile on business trips. You can read more about the new partnership between AirPlus and Uber here .Open source systems for parallel data analysis or real-time analysis contribute to the emergence of new analysis models.

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