What to do with the old website when you change the project name?

What to do with the old website when you We’re about to do it. To launch the new website with a new name, logo and also in English. After having the old online store only in Spanish, I am now going to launch with a site in English . I’m not sure how much or how little counterproductive this can be. For some existing customers this can certainly be a deterrent.


Maintain two websites in parallel What to do with

What to do with the old website when you This is another way to do it. It will depend on executive data the resources you have or not. Maintaining a website can already be a complicated task. In our case it was. We left things a little poorly attended to. I always made the excuse that since we were going to change the website it wasn’t worth making much effort. I also know people who sell the same product on different websites that compete with each other . It could work but of course.


Redirect one website to another change the project name

Right now I’m about to take the leap and BH Lists out of nowhere the old website is generating sales with visits from Google. That’s why I’m having a hard time not maintaining both pages. But I’ll probably go with this in the end. Well, I will have to make a  how I am going to proceed in detail. This is probably the simplest solution.

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