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The recently fashionable Vikings? They can also be parties in the style of the era – for example, crazy fun in the style of the 20s of the last century … Or the golden age of Hollywood ! Choosing outfits, scenery, accessories, makeup for people who like fashion challenges is a real paradise! Team building games Elements of team building can be woven into the company’s everyday life. Once in a while, it is worth organizing a team building meeting in the company. What to do during such a meeting? One of the reliable team building games that can be used in company conditions is the game Two Truths and a Lie.

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What is it about? The selected person presents three pieces of information about himself to the other participants. Two of them are true and one Taiwan WhatsApp Number List is a lie. The task of the players is to guess which one is false. The game perfectly relaxes the atmosphere, allows you to get to know employees better and thus helps to build friendly bonds. Other interesting team building games that strengthen bonds include the game Shared Traits . Participants sit on chairs arranged in a circle.

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One seat remains empty. The person sitting to the left of the empty chair tells the other players one fact about themselves – for example, their hobby, some character trait, their favorite meal, a thing they cannot live without. Players who are also BH Lists affected by this fact must change their seat. This game is great for newly formed teams. It integrates well and shows how much some employees have in common. After such a game, colleagues from work seem closer to us, less inaccessible. It also turns out that we have many common topics for conversation, not only business ones. Successful integration All the games described above have one goal – to integrate the group.

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