Objectives Retrospective

 Resilience is a force, and you can choose to view it as an opportunity to upgrade your skills. Many of the most famous software companies have risen and become stronger during the economic downturn. As an individual, the best thing you can do is to organize your mind and encourage others to do the same. Unconsciously, you will be asked to start investing in future growth again. Product team with Aha!Improve planning efficiency by at least 20% of software.

What theme or template do you use and why

 The creative portal allows your customers to easily share their new database  feedback. They can quickly submit ideas directly on the portal or from your application, and comment on other people’s ideas. In order to keep the dialogue going smoothly, it is very important to attract as many customers as possible in this process. Therefore, this week we will introduce a new method to encourage community participation.

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 Now, you can set up an email every week to review the activities in your creative portal and encourage customers to participate more. The Creative Portal is an open forum where customers can submit new requests and browse feedback from other users-vote  BH Lists  and comment on resonant ideas. Of course, some customers may dare to speak more than others. But it is in everyone’s interest to encourage as many voices as possible so that you can provide the solutions they like.

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