How to Check Data Usage on Iphone Phone Number

Keeping track of your data usage on your iPhone is essential to avoid unexpected overage charges and to manage your mobile data efficiently. Fortunately, Apple provides built-in tools that allow you to easily monitor your data usage. One convenient method is using your phone number. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Open Settings App

Unlock your iPhone and locate the “Settings” app on your home screen. It’s usually represented by a gear icon and is a vital hub for managing Hong Kong Phone number data various aspects of your device. Within the Settings app, scroll down and tap on the “Cellular” option. This section allows you to manage all cellular-related settings, including data usage tracking.

View Cellular Data Usage

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In the “Cellular” section, you will see your overall data usage under the “Cellular Data Usage” heading. However, this might not provide detailed information like specific data usage for certain apps or services. Under the “Cellular Data” section, you will find a list of your apps along with the amount of data each app has consumed since the last reset. This information helps you identify which apps are using the most data, enabling you to make informed decisions about your data usage.

Reset Data Usage Statistics

To track your data usage accurately, it’s a good idea to reset your statistics at the beginning of each billing cycle. Scroll to the bottom BH Lists of the “Cellular” section and tap on “Reset Statistics.” Confirm the reset to start anew. iMessage and FaceTime are popular communication tools on iPhones. To check their data usage, return to the main “Cellular” section and scroll down to “Cellular Data Usage” again. You’ll find separate sections for iMessage and FaceTime, each displaying the amount of data used by these services.


Monitoring your data usage on your iPhone is crucial to avoid overages and make the most of your mobile plan. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily check your data usage using your phone number. Keep in mind that it’s essential to reset your data usage statistics regularly to maintain accurate tracking. Whether you opt for the built-in features or explore third-party apps, staying informed about your data consumption empowers you to stay in control of your mobile data expenses.

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