Balance 2021 in ‘Refreshing Business

 Creating a guardrail Unstructured work takes up a lot of your time. Thinking about product directions and customer needs is not linear or easy to include. You can help yourself and the team by finding consistent templates that can help you build thinking in a repeatable way. Brainstorm meetings, priority matrices, thinking guides —— whatever your team needs to guide spiritual energy to create maximum value. Taking 15 twice to think deeply requires concentration.

Launch of the 'Emprende WEB' course

The goal is to spend at least 15 minutes at the beginning and end  new data  of the day. In the latter, you can organize all the contents recorded in the meeting or dialogue, and make sure to record these notes where you need to find them in the future. Add any urgent matters to your pending items. Also set aside some time for reflection —— open thinking. Then in the morning, you can update any new insights ( I often make the best breakthrough ) on the 6:30 day of cycling, and prepare for what needs to be done next.

What did you think of the list

It is expected that the product team will now be delivered with smaller teams and fewer resources. It is not easy, but you can still make room for bold new thinking. I also know that the pressure felt by many   BH Lists   product teams is not uncommon now. This work is full of challenges for you, which makes it very meaningful. It is true to learn to distinguish between what is relevant and what is noise —— whether your product team is 50 or 5 people.

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